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SFT Consultants has a database for grants and subsidies of all kinds, updating it and putting it at the service of our clients whatever their scope.

The reliability and quality of work results in a constant flow of communication for our customers to be informed at all times of the new developments and may affect directly, with the intention to apply for grants and subsidies that suit you and benefit therefrom.


ICO credit lines are born as an alternative to meet the demand for credit, loans or borrowing. From SFT Consultants take care of managing the entire application process, talking with banks, providing the necessary documentation and trying to make the process as easy and fast as possible.

Depending on the needs of each client, whether an individual or a company, we take care to inform the ICO more convenient for everyone.


The marks are used to identify products and services, indicate the source thereof, report on quality and constant or to reinforce an advertising function, while the patent recognizes the exclusive right to exploit an invention preventing others from making, sale or use without consent of the owner.

In SFT Consultants take care of processing applications for trademark or patent, made ​​a preliminary report to verify that there is no market in anything like that you want to register, and subsequent application efforts in Spanish Patent and Marks.