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Consulting service for accounting

– Realization of accounting: Corresponding to the legal requirements leading to an ordinary and appropriate accounting of the company or employer or natural person which allows a chronological tracking of all operations for the preparation of balances, annual and daily accounts. Concretely:



Balances in varied formats.

Profit and loss.

Annual accounts.

– Delivery of the documents: The documents, as incoming and outgoing invoices, statements of accounts and all further documents which are needed for the preparation of this module have to be sent in monthly between 1st and 10th of the following month to ensure a better and punctual preparation according to the services offered.

– Legalization and archival storage: Punctual and formal legalization of the accounting books as well as the archival storage of the annual accounts (by an extraordinary bill at the amount of the costs which are necessary for the presentation)

– Filing of the hardware of the accounting for one year.