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Consulting service for human resources management

SFT Consultore, SL. also offers consulting service for the area of personnel policy, establishing solutions for the incidences which can probably appear daily, stabilishing contractual actions of the company and raising the best strategies to continue as a function of the characters of the customers and the current legal contract situation.

In addition, we offer the following activities:

Durable consultancy

  • Verbal consultancy and calculation of costs for possible fresh engagements
  • Application and deregistration of employees for social insurance as well as communication of modifications and issuing of accounting documents
  • Execution of contracts of employment and extension, handling of sick certificates, announcement of accidents on the job
  • Issuing of salary statements in accordance to the current legislation and adaptation at annual updates, editorial social insurance and communication of the corresponding collection authorizations and dispatch of the accounting summaries when required
  • Comunication of real-time of agricultural systems
  • Request and dispatch of working lives accounts at Código de Cuenta de Cotización through the activity of the company, monthly emission and dispatch of the certificate, which confirms, that the Social Insurance is up-to-date
  • Registration of the company at the social insurance institution

First registration of the company, application of the self-employed person or responsible person for social security; opening of the centre of working; qualification and adoption for the execution of open-days for visitors; order of first aid equipment at the Accident Prevention & Insurance Association.

Elaboration and execution of monthly (111), quarterly (110) and annual taxes (190) of the company as well as the emission of the corresponding certificate (Certificado de Retenciones) for workers.

Information of the staff about mistakes and consequences.