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Legal advice

Consultants SFT counts among its policy with Legal Aid Department is responsible for providing all necessary assistance to our customers in whatever business activity in the areas of civil, criminal, commercial, administrative, labor and Aliens. SFT’s lawyers Consultants provides clients who require the services of legal counsel in court proceedings in which would be involved.


SUBSIDIES AND GRANTS SFT Consultants has a database for grants and subsidies of all kinds, updating it and putting it at the service of our clients whatever their scope. The reliability and quality of work results in a constant flow of communication for our customers to be informed at all times of the new developments… Leer más

Consulting service for human resources management

SFT Consultore, SL. also offers consulting service for the area of personnel policy, establishing solutions for the incidences which can probably appear daily, stabilishing contractual actions of the company and raising the best strategies to continue as a function of the characters of the customers and the current legal contract situation. In addition, we offer… Leer más

Consulting service for accounting

– Realization of accounting: Corresponding to the legal requirements leading to an ordinary and appropriate accounting of the company or employer or natural person which allows a chronological tracking of all operations for the preparation of balances, annual and daily accounts. Concretely: Journale. Ledger. Balances in varied formats. Profit and loss. Annual accounts. – Delivery of… Leer más